NARROWtive #001 – ‘Cup Final Day’

<<This is a collection of sub-250 word stories that are so short, they'd have to get a Yellow Pages to tickle Danny DeVito's toe-hair>> Cup Final Day 'Hello, and welcome to the BBC Alba coverage of this ever-crucial League Cup Final with me, Clive Eddie, and my good friend and colleague, Eddie Clive. Say hi, Eddie.' 'Hi.'… Continue reading NARROWtive #001 – ‘Cup Final Day’

Dolphins: Sexier than Sharks

"Fear is just a princess tied to a rock." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote Instinct is vital to all animals. We're the world's numero uno apex predator, but we don't hide behind bushes stalking prey (R.I.P. Steve Irwin), we chase insights and ideas - new ways by which we can anatomise our respective fields. If you're… Continue reading Dolphins: Sexier than Sharks

The Creative Art of Passivity

"Relatives exist to eat your inner child." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote Creativity, inspiration, the spark. People talk about the creative process like it's a run on a treadmill. 'If you get up early,' they might say, 'and eat right, and be good and positive, it will come to you.' As if inspiration is a vitamin you… Continue reading The Creative Art of Passivity

Self-Help from Other People

"You don't need a projector to start wetting the bed." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote Literature used to combine elements of narrative and self-help - you could get it all from Steinbeck, or Sherwood Anderson - or whichever writers you prefer - in one poignant and entertaining package. Now, in the 21st century, there is a… Continue reading Self-Help from Other People