Ego Armour Fit for the Ad Battlefield

"Slapping can make you fat." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote   Your copy could have been written by an Orangutan with no fingers. Was your hair styled by blind knife-fighters? You should be replaced by a sign that says 'VOID' on it - it would be of more use. If you're sick of hearing such creative -… Continue reading Ego Armour Fit for the Ad Battlefield

The Creative Art of Passivity

"Relatives exist to eat your inner child." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote Creativity, inspiration, the spark. People talk about the creative process like it's a run on a treadmill. 'If you get up early,' they might say, 'and eat right, and be good and positive, it will come to you.' As if inspiration is a vitamin you… Continue reading The Creative Art of Passivity