NARROWtive #001 – ‘Cup Final Day’

<<This is a collection of sub-250 word stories that are so short, they'd have to get a Yellow Pages to tickle Danny DeVito's toe-hair>> Cup Final Day 'Hello, and welcome to the BBC Alba coverage of this ever-crucial League Cup Final with me, Clive Eddie, and my good friend and colleague, Eddie Clive. Say hi, Eddie.' 'Hi.'… Continue reading NARROWtive #001 – ‘Cup Final Day’

Self-Help from Other People

"You don't need a projector to start wetting the bed." - A.I.-Generated Inspirational Quote Literature used to combine elements of narrative and self-help - you could get it all from Steinbeck, or Sherwood Anderson - or whichever writers you prefer - in one poignant and entertaining package. Now, in the 21st century, there is a… Continue reading Self-Help from Other People